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A great man, who could have been compared to god on earth. He was a political activist and a man of great music, know other reggae artist has had such an influential on the earth, he is on of the greatest lyric writers of all time. Righting about oppression of black and working class people and how everyone should get a long in the world.

Chavs and other humans who don't know a lot about music mistake his music for stoner music even though Bob Marley doesn't even mention cannabis in his music.
Bob Marley is a legend and one of the most popular icons in the music industry ever he's first guy from Jamaica to really make it and be noticed in world wide music.
by Beardy1991 May 29, 2009
Music best listened to when you are completely baked, a good example would be any music written by Bob Marley or Pink Floyd, this sort of music is essential for any true stoner.
Ah man this Bob Marley tune is great Stoner music and gives me a sense of freedom when i am high.
by Beardy1991 May 29, 2009