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a town in Delaware where everybody thinks they are a hard ass. Depending on where you live you might live in a nice neighborhood or you can live in a real shitty neighborhood there no in between. nobody in Bear reps that they live there most will say there from New Castle or Middletown or Newark or even Wilmington but nobody reps Bear.. Most kids in Bear go to William Penn or any of the vo-techs( Hodgson, St.Georges, Howard, Delcastle)..you know you live in Bear when you go to wawa at 2am and you see everybody you know either drunk or high or both chilling in the parking lot talking about a party that just got bopped and your trying to make more moves..You know you live in Bear when numerous of times junkies coming begging for money in the parking lot and there excuse is they need gas money to get to philly. or there girl left them and they need to call a taxi to go to there ma's house(the same junkies use the same excuse every weekend even when u tell them u gave them money last weekend lol but they say that was last weekened)if you live in Bear you are the shit because thats where i grew up
Bear, Delaware- "catch me on 40"
by Bearbul October 24, 2011

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