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a reily is a guy that will always compliment you at the best times. these compliments can even make you cry. sometimes he's a young nigga hustlin' but other times he could be the sweetest, down to earth guy you'll ever meet. a reily's natural habitat is usually effing the bitches on the slopes or backpacking in dense forest area. a reily will only use Axe dark temptation to wash himself. so basically you can smell him from a mile away, if you're lucky. hanging with the crew is one of his favorite things to do. an outdoorsy guy has to eat every once in a while so he usually dines on donuts or chicken wings and drinks mountain dew. not only is he tall dark and handsome but he's smart af! his blue eyes will memsmorize you into become his sex slave. if you find a reily addicted to rough sex or slinkys, RUN. that is all (:
"omg did you see him? he's totally a reily!"

Girl 1) "he's a riley."
Girl 2) "no, he's DEFINETELY a reily"

"he smells just like a reily"
by Basic_bitch101 January 01, 2013

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