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A whiteboard that is interactive. Some schools are buying these pieces of shit because they increase learning 15 to 25 percent. They aren't anything special. Most of the time teachers use them for about two weeks and then it starts collecting dust.
Loser 1. Dude our class is getting a smartboard.
Loser 2. Lucky I wanna be your class.
Non loser. Those things are retarded there just a whiteboard that costs $3500
by Bartholemew Farter March 15, 2010
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Someone who is challenged dentally. This would be someone with severely crooked teeth. This could also be someone missing teeth. Rotting teeth also counts. These people usually haven't ever gotten their teeth cleaned.
Person 1: Dude did you go to Ronny's house?

Person 2: No, his dad is so freaky he's Dentally Challenged.\

Person 1: Was he a meth addict?

Person 2: Yeah Dude, I think he is.
by Bartholemew Farter April 14, 2010
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A fucking retarded thing that asshole teachers make you do because they think it's "educational". These teachers are retards and can't find and difference between left and write. These teachers are the teachers that mark you down a letter grade for being a dude and mark you up a letter grade for being a chick. The literature circle involves a compilation of losers sitting in a circle discussing a bunch of bullshit about a book that you read. Plus to make things shittier, you have to fill out faggy forms for each literature circle your group of losers does.
Teacher: We are going to be doing literature circles! Yayy!

Chick: Im sooo happy!

Dude: What are you guys faggy losers? Literature circles are a bunch of BS that don't teach you anything.
by Bartholemew Farter April 02, 2010
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When you pretend that you have to pee so you can text at school. You ask a teacher if you can go to the bathroom then you go to the bathroom and then you start pexting
I walked into the bathroom and there were a bunch of dudes pexting.
by bartholemew Farter June 10, 2010
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