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Whovians are avid fans of the British television show, Doctor Who, who have watched both the original show and the now more popular modern show. Similar to Trekkies, they memorize trivia from the show, and would do anything to meet the Doctor. Some extreme fans believing that the Doctor actually exists in an alternate universe or reality.
Poser: So I hear you watch Doctor Who that is my favorite show!
Whovian: Oh yeah? Which is your favorite Doctor? Mine is the 4th!
Poser: Well I’ve only seen the episodes with the 11th Doctor. Who wants to be bothered with all that old crap!
10 minutes later…
Whovian: Yes officer, she just fell out of the window.
Officer: How many times?
Whovian: I lost count.
by Bakeristhebest January 27, 2014

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