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Girugamesh is a meme originating from an unintentionally hilarious commercial for Sakura-Con 2009. The video was discovered by 4chan's /cgl/ board and was first disseminated amongst all the regular dress-up faggotry and Cons nonsense that fills the board. By virtue of it being animu related, it soon made its way to /a/ in the form of a screencap of a fat weeaboo taken from the ad. Somehow it found its way to /v/, /jp/, and /b/, and from there it turned into a shitstorm.

On the eve of March 10th, 2009, /a/ started bot-spamming /b/ with post after post of Girugamesh guy's fugly mug, and it spread like a virulent, malignant cancer all over /b/ until nearly every thread was the Girugamesh guy. /b/tards responded by leaving, combo breaking or shooping the faggot's head onto every old meme they could think of - a sad state of affairs that illustrates the death of original content and the depths to which *chanfags have stooped in attempting creativity. A week later on March 17th, 2009, yet another Girugamesh shitstorm began. The difference this time being it wasn't just restricted to /b/. /a/, /b/, /x/, /v/, and a few other boards were hit hard for several hours. This time, /b/ did little to nothing to counter attack other than silently praying to Raptor Jesus and crying to the mods who, as usual, were too busy fapping to do anything.

By the time 4chan's faggot mods had disembarked their daily mantrain, shit had pretty much died down. They did, however, start flailing away with the 4chan banhammers nailing more than one innocent bystander.
Girugamesh is some sorry excuse of a Japanese rock band, which is why it is mentioned in the commercial.
by Baiden April 01, 2009

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Where the good go to die.

Jim: I went and posted some of my music on the internet the other day, and when i went to check on the comments, i found many calling me a homosexual. Time for me to an hero.
by bAiDeN March 19, 2009

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