6 definitions by Badass100101

A video that blew up in popularity and often has over one million views.
Man 1: "Hey dude, have you seen the viral video ppap yet?"
Man 2: "Yeah, but I hated it.
Man 1: "Screw you, dude."
by Badass100101 November 25, 2016
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When good childhood memories come flowin' in like niagra falls and it feels like christmas all over again.
"Whenever I replay mario 3, It's like a nostalgia bomb just blew up in my brain"
by Badass100101 November 17, 2016
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The only thing preventing me from making this longer.
Laziness is bliss!
by Badass100101 April 18, 2016
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The end of a filename, used for executable files. The game sonic.exe however, caused a new generation of idiots who add exe to stuff to make it scary. BUT NO, IT'S A WINDOWS EXECUTABLE. *loud, dissapointed, exaggerated sigh*
"This is my scary game, it's called ghosthouse.exe!"
"How is it being a .exe file relevant to it being scary?"
"You know, like sonic.exe!"
by Badass100101 December 6, 2016
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