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1) Someone who can't think for themselves, changes their mind based on what other people think. Basically an assclown who does not have the mental capacity to form their own opinion.

2) When you meet someone who is that big of a tool, you start calling everyone that person's name instead of tool.

3) People who have a tendency in fantasy sports to depend on other people in order to gain opinions.

4) People who spell their "favorite" team names wrong
1) Tool: "Huston Street to Brew Crew, rumored to be done
Bystander: "Yea Jay sent you this didn't he"
Tool: "Yup"

2) "Quit acting like such a Viggy"

3) So called Expert: "Look for Andruw Jones to have a bounce back year"
Tool: "I think Andruw Jones can have a good year this year."

4) Tool: "Go Red Soxs!"
Tool: "Go Sabers!"
by Baconbits101 October 17, 2008

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