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A strange date which keeps popping up in places all over the world, on things such as banknotes, library books, messageboards and coins. Nobody really knows what it means, although several people have tried to blame various organisations. A small amount of research can prove that no known terrorist organisation or community of any sort has mentioned it, though, so the people behind it remain largely unknown. In countries where they write the date as DD/MM/YY, it is known as 19/5/13 e.g. Nineteenth of May, 2013.

People say it could be the date of the apocalypse, a huge gang crime or robbery, a date where all the major world governments will be overthrown, or a day where mass riots will happen, but since we have no real idea what could happen, I'd suggest preparing for the worst.
by Baby...Brenda.x August 03, 2010

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