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A band i have loved sence before i was born!!

They started wuth John Lennon who was in a local band called Quarrymen. Later down the road James Paul McCartney joined. Later George Harrison found his way into the band. SO it was John Lennon on guitar, Paul on guitar, George on guitar too!! Stuart Sutcliffe on base, and then Pete Best on Drums. in the 60's they changed there name to The Sivler Beatles but then droppped the "silver"to just become The Beatles. Soon after that Stuart Sutcliffe dropped out to study his art work! and so John was guitarest as well as Paul and Goerge setteled into base and Pete was on drums. Soon Pete Best was kicked out caz he was a jack ass!! and then Ringo Starr came into The Beatles. they wrote some of the most kick ass songs ever such as.....

Please Please Me
All My Lovin
I'll You Need Is Love
Yellow Submerine
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
A Day In My Life
The Long And Winding Road
MY Life
Norweigan Wood
Im Only Sleeping
Good Day Sunshine

and thje most famouse song ever to be writen by The Beatles
Hey Jude!

the beatles rock my effin soxs!
by BUTTON CHICK February 21, 2006
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Plant has a want to mix and match influences, references and story lines in lyrics. Sometimes lyrics don't mean anything - they just fit the moment and emotion and sometimes lyrics with a specific cultural reference are used as an metaphor for another meaning.

Lep Heads are one of the biggest "cults" (as my father says) to ever have exisited!

If u only know 1 cd!! YOU ANRT A LEP HEAD!
Ramble On,Battle for Evermore and Misty Mountain Hop

all have no real meanings when u think about it! they are all abouyt nothing but emtion in one way or another!

Led Zeppelin ROXS MY SOXS!!!
by BUTTON CHICK February 21, 2006
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