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Tippmannism, derived from the name Tippmann,
a manufacturer of paintball markers.

Often on tippmann's initial release of a new product,
they have small, or sometimes large flaws in their

product that present themselves shortly after release.

These are known as 'Tippmannisms' (Plural) or a 'Tippmannism' (Single)
Tippmann A5, now a great marker, at first a horrible
blender of paint on automatic fire. They cyclone feed
system has been vastly improved since then.

Tippmann Triumph, and Triumph XT, EXT. This is a
special one. In this very special case, the WHOLE
marker is a 'Tippmannism' in itself. Based off of the
famous tippmann model 98, it features a speedball
exterior, or an attempt at one anyways. To most, it
looks like a tippmann 98 turned into a pressure washer.
It is jokingly known as the '98 Pressure Washer'.
It is also made fun of because of its name 'Triumph'
when it is actually a colossal failure.

The tippmann x7, as well as the A5, also known for
being a 400 dollar paint blender in its early days.

The TPX, tippmanns most recent 'Tippmannism'
This marker is really hit or miss in it's first generation.
Most have the following symptoms: Chop, Does not
fire, or just doesnt work all together. It is a pistol made
in a clamshell design, which is horrible.
by BT4 January 20, 2010
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