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Started In Chicago Then Spred Nation Wide. There are many Gangs Under FOLK NATION. LATIN DESCIPLES,MANIAC DESCIPLES,SPANISH COBRAS,BLACK GANGSTER DESCIPLES,TWO SIX,LATIN EAGLES,.Signs:SIX POINT STAR,PITCH FORKS,THE NUMBER 6,ALL FOLK NATION SYMBOLS.ALWAYS CROWN DOWN.FOLkS ARE ALOT OF GANGS COMBINED. Always Had BEEF With People Nation wich is combined with different gangs mainly The Latin Kings. This Was Major In The 80S,And Some Early 90S.I Know in MIAMI Latin Desciples And Latin Kings Died out in the mid 90s.Folk Nation is still strong in other states.
I usto be in a gang called latin desciples under folk nation back in the days but im a humble brother now.I grew out of that.
by BORICUA123 March 24, 2007

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Texaricans are puertoricans that are born and live in texas.
Friend: hey what race are you?
Me: I'm texarican. You know, gotta represent the south and my Rican self.
by boricua123 September 04, 2013

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Like Folk Nation, People Nation combines many Gangs.Largest is Latin Kings. Also under People Nation is: Vicelords,Spanish lords,Latin Kings,Bishops,Gaylords,Latin Counts.Any gangs under People Nation have automatic beef with any gangs under Folk Nation Mainly desciples.signs for gangs in people nation are:5 point star,lions,the number 5,5 point crown,cross,.now, the desciples use the 6 point star.I dont know if these gangs still exist but ,Latin Kings are still around.
yo back in the 80s people nation always rumbled with folk.
by BORICUA123 March 24, 2007

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