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Oh My Fucking Word
After I heard the news I couldn't believe it and said OMFW.
by Bob the Great February 01, 2015
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Oh My Word
After he revealed the news, I was shocked and replied OMW.
by Bob the Great February 01, 2015
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Cheshire may be the worst most boring town in ct, everyone in cheshire thinks they are the shit when they know not to fuck with hamden cauz they know they will be rocked. Most of the kids think they are hood when their parents make over 200,000 a year. Cheshire is also the home of Cheshire Academy probally the best part of Cheshire. Cheshire might have 10 black people and 9 of them attend Cheshire Academy, over all there is nothing to do in Cheshire the parties suck, and most of all they think they hood because they drink Coors light and all the rich girls do coke so over all its the worst town in the world with the most annoying kids and worst athletes in the enitire universe.
1.Cheshire kid: hayy lets fight someone tonight because we have nothing to do
2.Ok where you wanna go?
1.Not Hamden we would get messed up
2. Ok good idea lets mess wit Southington kids beacuse we are pussies and we wanna fight someone that we can actually win i dont wanna get hurt by all the big black hamden kids im gonna cry now!
by BOB The Great April 23, 2006
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