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An anti-chav is a person who hates chavs. I hate chavs, and so do the rest of Britain. Chavs create nothing but evil, and suffering in this world. The law enforcement agencies do not have the ability to control Chavs so they roam around Britain making everyone's life a misery.

Chavs cause massive amounts of crime, and money loss to the Government, which means the good people of Britain have to pay for chavs. Alot of people hate chavs, but they aren't going to say it are they?

Soon the population of Britain are going to get really sick of there lives been negatively effected by chavs. We do not owe you anything. You don't respect us and our rights, so why should we respect you?
Commander: All the anti-chav groups are shit because they do fuck all.

Assistant Commander: Yea

Commander: I'm going to make a group called the British Liberation Army, with real intentions, unlike the rest of these shitty sites.

Assistant Commander: Ill make the site, that way we can get many more members and plan things allot better.

Commander: When we finish school in July 2008 we are going to teach the ChavScum of Britain a lesson.
by BL Commander January 22, 2008
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