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1. n. Someone who tears down a shitty wall.

2. n. The thing that comes out of you after eating at Genghis Grill in Dallas.
1. Damn you Mongorians! Everytime I build a shitty wall, you damn Mongorians tear it down!

2. Oh man, that dragon sauce from Genghis is starting to kick in. I've gotta find a bathroom and have a battle with the Mongorian army.
by BJQ September 06, 2008
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Acid reflux. It's like a regular Mongorian, but in your throat.
Oh man, I've got an awful case of throat Mongorian. It feels like I'm being deep throated by Ghengis Khan and his entire army. That's the last time I eat at P.F. Chang's.
by BJQ September 21, 2009
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