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Awkward. Porn. (and) Music. Encounter.
when one person is watching porn and the other is listening to music and a parent comes down to check out whats going on. The person listening to music hears the parent but because of the loud music ends up screaming "CHANGE THE CHANELL" instead of the recomended whisper. The parent is usually a little confused but decides its better to not question what happened.
Bill: *happily watches porn*
Mike: *happily listens to music*
Mike: BILL QUICK CHANGE THE CHANNELL *in a loud scream*
Bill: shut up i heard you
Parent: *looks around confused and shakes his head while leaving the room*
Bill: we should make a word for what just happened.
Mike: yeah but what?
Bill: how bout apme
by BIGV December 26, 2005
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spherical object that is fuzzy and has spikes, often used for magical penis growth. Nortorious for being stolen from fat ugly smelly history teachers especially in lexington mass.
Bill: my friggen vergerner was stolen from the big fat ugly smelly greek history teacher again
Mike: oh well i guess you wont have any magical penis growth any time soon
by BIGV December 24, 2005
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