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the ultimate word used to describe someone so gay it defies the laws of phisics, a gaylord is essential the ruler of homosexuality, the king of gayness. scientist estimate they are 11,000,000,000,000 times gayer than normal homosexuals. gaylords are the result of someone bieng hit by an undetectable burst of exotic atomic energy from the suns thermonuclear fusion. they have major influence on any gay community. it is best to avoid such people as there phisical form cannot contain all the gayness and so it radiates off of them in the form of gaydrons, a sub atomic partical that travles at 9,280,000 miles per second, nearly 58 times the speed of light and will pass right thru living cells and give them a medical condition known as pinkersons disease, in which the cell becomes atracted to only male cells and goes to gaybars constantly. exposure to this will eventualy turn the majority of your cells gay thus renderenig yourself gay.there are no known protection to this, it is rumored that the US government has advanced weapons and armor that can manipulate matter to produce or deflect these rays. these are some reconizable traits of the common gaylord, they were tight pants, have the gay voice, are always realy skiny, have odd haircuts that look like they took an hour to do, they wear lip gloss, do yoga, and make feminin gestures. if you belive you found a gaylord retreate to a minimum of 300 feet and call 911, they will send a person traind to deal with it.
guy 1: omg hes so gay
guy2: holy shit thats a gaylord!!!
guy1: call 911!!!
guy2: these pants are so last year, lets go shopping!!!
guy1: NOOOOOOOOO!!! damn you!!! hes too young!!!
HAZMAT team: holy shit its right of the chart, we gotta get out off here!!!
guy2: OMG look at your tacky outfits, this is such a fasion disaster, someone needs a makeover!!!
guy1: noooo get off of me!!! its not fair!!! its just not fair!!! take me!!! ( HAZMAT team takes him away to safety sobing leaving his friend to his fate)
by BEASTMASTER8000 May 17, 2010

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a type of fart that when released heats your pants to such a high tempurature you must sit up or move to the side at a 45 degree angle to provide a means of cooling. the fart is usauly so hot that the victim can detect the sudden tempurature change especial if they breath it in, in some cases it remains superheated for 30 seconds or more. any fart like this is always silent and almost 100% garenteed to smell so bad it will clear out a room. first timers are always caught red handed because they cannot belive how smelly it is so they laugh or get overexcited. if it happens remain calm and try not to laugh, if there is people in the room it is best to leave no mater how much you want to see there reactions fast and un noticable because in seconds they will all smell it seamingly at the same time and rapidly leave gagging or cursing. the victim will not laugh but get mad because the fart is so unfathomably smelly and disgusting. if your caught they will ridicule you or try to explain why that was rude. the proper place to discharge this fart is outside or in an extreamly crowded room because nobody will ever know who did it and they wil be forced to smell it because the doors can only handle so much people trying to escape the rancid odor. this fart is the main component of a real dutch oven.
guy1. sssssssssssssssss (flamethrower!!!)
guy1. MUHAHAhahaaaaaa!!!
guy1. tehehe, oops i did it again!!!
by BEASTMASTER8000 May 23, 2010

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a blunt consisting of every smokable drug known to man, one hit results in complete devestation of all bodily functions. the finale trip for a druggie...
jeff: what happened to fred?
dan: he smoked an atomic bomb, thought he could handle it
jeff: shame, were am i going to get my weed now?
by BEASTMASTER8000 August 03, 2010

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