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An interesting sexual position where a girl sits on her knees with a guy on either side of her and one guy in front of her and she then proceeds to jack off the two guys and sucking the guy in front of her moving her arms and bobbing her head in an awkward flying motion.
Three guys and one girl:
Guy 1: I got the mouth.
Guy 2: I got the left side.

Guy 3: I got the right side.
Guys say to each other. " Dude that was some good Taradactle."
by B. Nasty2010 March 14, 2010
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This is an acronym for the phrase "Butt Kicking Mode". This phrase originated from the infamous television animation "Butt Ugly Martians".
Bru that's the third time he done stepped on my new J's in fina go B.K.M. on his ass.
by B. Nasty2010 March 19, 2010
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