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Anyone who you see in Michigan who has a patchy weak dirt ass moustache has a westland moustache. mainly because everyone from westland even the women and children are trash and hump in dumpsters in the summer for the love of the smell of hot garbage.
hey bill do you see that westland moustache smoking in the carwash as he was washing my rims ? yea i bet he lives in the dumpster behind my apartment complex.
by B- Real June 12, 2009
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Trash Bandits are Generally a Species of man from Michigan can be found hanging out at 7-11, bowling alleys, trashy bars, hiding behind things & stealing stuff. Dumpster diving is one of their main hobbys, as well as Garbage picking in upper class neighborhoods every week and Scavaging for other peoples broken useless shit !
dude i was throwing out my old rollerskates and unwashed used gym shorts and the same trash bandits that come around every tuesday night basically got fresh pickins and snatched them both up with the quickness !

Hey dude look at the trash bandit over there leaning against the wall of that 7-11 reading Juggs magazine, i bet that is his '82 f150 with all the shit packed in the back stupid fuck must be out dumpster diving or garbage pickin !
by B- Real August 23, 2009
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Redford is a shit ass town and township in Michigan just west of detroit. it is chocked full of wiggers, wankstas, icp clown fags, rednecks & trash bandits. so when something sucks beyond your furthest comprehension it would be said that it is "redford".
Hey joe did you see that shitbox 86 mercury lynx that that trash bandit was driving ? yea that was redford as fuck !
by B- Real June 12, 2009
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