11 definitions by B JizZle

I deragtory term for white people.
Man I didn't goto that trailer party with all them po (poor) peck's.
by B JizZle September 24, 2006
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A term from the 70's that implies that one may be homosexual.
Son: Mom why does Uncle Leroy always have his 'friend' Sabastian with him whenever we see him?
Mother: Son, well you see, the family has conclude Uncle Leroy might be kinda funny.
by B JizZle September 24, 2006
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1)The shit that's responsible for black guys getting their dick's sucked by white upper class females.

2)The shit that your parents hate, and you love.

3)The way black folk talk, walk, dress.
Black Guy: Baby let's go bump this new Fiddy Cent and smoke this L, and than maybe we can knock boots or sumum.
White Girl: Sure I've never had a black man before.
Black Guy: God bless hip hop culture.
by B JizZle September 24, 2006
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(pronounced High Yella) A derogatory term used by ignorant dark skinded African Americans toward Light Skinded African Americans that is the result of the dark skinded African American being jealous.. in most cases the dark skinded one is unhappy with him/herself and either conciously or subconciuosly wish's they were about 5 shades lighter themselve.
Did you see that litte high yellow pretty ass bitch the other day taken all the black men?? Who the hell that ho think she is!?
by B JizZle September 23, 2006
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