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1. Basically a pervert but it's a more specific kind of pervert.

2. Best way to describe it is that they are very perverted and don't really care if you think they are disgusting and like being who they are.

3. An Old School Pervert, is good at what he does, he Respects women, and treats them well and makes them Feel Special. He knows how to treat a woman, and makes want to take off their clothes for him.

(Can be a male or female)

4. The Old School Pervert doesn't care if you don't like him or if you don't wanna get naked for him, theres always another target, and he will happily move on and find another. When hes done, it ends amicably and they both go their ways and the Old School Pervert finds himself another Target.

(once again can be male or female)
Bill is the biggest Old School Pervert I've ever met, and yet I love him still.

He's a Old School Pervert like a womanizer but probably worse.

She's loves to flirt with the guys and get them naked, god she's such a Old School Pervert.
by Azlein January 01, 2009
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