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A homo-erotic sex party hosted by a rich powerful world leaders. Mostly Italians.
Sometimes the party host will invite powerful leaders from other countries to these parties. The host will provide the children they will anally rape. The host begins by inserting his penis into the anus of the child without lube, pulling out after one stroke, allowing the invited leader to then insert his penis into the child's anus. They continue to double team the child until they have their penises covered in the kids shit and butt blood upon which they scream out "Bunga-Bunga", slap their crap covered bloody cocks together and cum on each others dicks.
Berlusconi had a Bunga-Bunga party in which the child involved was "Karima El Mahroug" aka "Ruby Heartstealer". A scandal broke and the child now denies having sex of any sort with Berlusconi, probably due to threats of more Bunga-Bunga parties.

It is alleged that Russia's Vladimir Putin has attented such parties with Berlusconi.
by Ayoba77 January 16, 2011
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