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Smart , strong and beautiful. Has many friends . She always has a boyfriend. No matter what she will always be there for you.
by Awesome Sauce January 17, 2017
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The big guy outside of Pubs and Nightclubs. Some of these men are usually pretty nice people, unforturnately most of them are not.

Most Bouncers or Doormen are actually lacking in brain cells, and only got through life by being big and "hard" (able to beat someone up without much harm to themselves). Sometimes the Bouncer or Doorman will willingly abuse their position and actually throw someone out who is neither too drunk, nor causing any trouble, simply for the sake of it. I assume it's because they just need to look they're actually doing something, and not just standing around talking.

If the person resists, they will force them out. They generally dislike people who actually have some pride and attack them with words and intelligence rather than fists.

They generally live by their own rules, and ignore the law. If a bouncer beats up a person he has thrown out because he has been resisting, even if the person had a right to resist, the Bouncer will not be charged with assault, and the person he beat up will spend the night in jail.
A merry guy walks past the door minding his own business, perhaps he's looking for someone;

Bouncer: You're too drunk, get out.
The guy: What? I'm fine...
Bouncer: No you're not, you're coming with me.

The bouncer grabs the guy by the arms

The guy: What are you doing? Let go of me.

The guy shrugs the Bouncers hands off. The Bouncer then takes that as an excuse to grab him harder and push him out the door.

The next hour consists of the guy arguing with bouncer over, whilst getting more and more pissed off. Until the guy realises there's no point and goes home, thinking to return the next day to complain. Except even if he did complain nothing would happen, and the Bouncer would just lie and say the guy was kicking off BEFORE he was grabbed.
by Awesome Sauce May 30, 2006
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