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Jackson is the best guy you could ever meet. Sexy accent blends well with his incredible hotness. He's funny and intelligent, but sometimes silly. He is very polite for girls, but he's a wild animal on parties(sometimes it's a disadvantage). Every girl would like to have one. He is able to do anything for his love (even buy a ticket and fly 9000 miles to just meet with her). He loves to make girls smile and laugh. He's a bit shy and tries to appear like he's a good boy, but he has a little pervert devil inside. He is very strong. His past was not nice, but he's trying his best to be a good person and cure his addictions. He's a real jewel and if you got one - never let go, because you will regret that very soon.

You can describe him with the whole alphabet.

Amazing, beautiful, charming, delightful, extraordinary, fabulous, gorgeous, hilarious, intelligent, joyful, kind, lovely, meaningful, naughty, original, patient, romantic, strong, tolerant, unexpected, wonderful, young, zesty.
Jane: Hey girl, look at that hot guy!
Susan: Oh, that's Jackson.
Jane: Do you know him? I'd totally tap that!
Susan: Oh yeah, he's my boyfriend.
by Avonleay December 30, 2011

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