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A very charming, clever and rather handsome fellow from Croydon who is very good at bending people's minds.
You: Hello - how are you today?
Me: Hello - Derren Brown is currently bending my mind and it feels very pleasant indeed, thankyou very much.
by Aviva April 01, 2004
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A "Gruntboy" is a rugged and exciting young man from the North East of England who is outrageously foul-mouthed and toilet-humoured on the outside but is surprisingly sweet, tender and devoted when he becomes your precious lover man.
My boyfriend is such a cheeky Gruntboy.
by Aviva September 12, 2003
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"Fake Asian"-- Someone who does not fit traditional Asian stereotypes and fits in more with white ones. Also blasian (black asian).
Olivia Z. is such a fasian; she's not super-grades-obsessed or super-ditzy with Japanese anime notebooks.
by aviva November 05, 2004
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