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1. The name given to an individual whose attitude towards unusual and humorous behavior is characterized by embarrassed discomfort, exaggerated confusion and sarcastic, judgmental disapproval.

2. One who rarely participates in an activity but instead comments on the action from a distance.

3. One who avoids out right confrontation but instead communicates using passive aggression.

4. One who attempts to secure one's place in a group by preempting the judgement of the current majority.

5. One who is motivated by social awkwardness, insecurity and the need to fit in completely.
Bertram: "I did my gorilla impression at school and Chantelle Malclapped me in front of everybody."

Theodore: "She's a total Malclapper."

Typical Malclapper phrases include:

1. "Ummm... Ok? That was random."
2. "That's a little more information than I needed to know."
3. "I'm just going to stand over there."
4. "I'm a little bit worried about your mental health."
5. "Ummm... What the Hell? Jack Sparrow is SO WEIRD."
6. "What... I seriously don't even get it."
7. "Ummm... Ok. Just make up your own word on Urban Dictionary... That's totally normal."
by Augustine Summerton November 03, 2011
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