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Oakleys usually seem pretty shy but are really crazy and energetic once they get comfortable around you. Oakleys kind are the friend that can be all of the "friend roles" they can be the mom friend or the cool aunt friend or the kid friend that everybody has to look after depending on their mood. Oakley is a really smart person. They are the person that everybody goes to for homework help and good ideas. Oakleys have a bad habit of trying to solve everybody's problems. they can't stand seeing people suffer, especially when they can do something about it. Oakleys are generally pretty good looking, even though they may not dress up every day when they do, they're stunning. Oakleys are actually really dark even though they seem all bubbly and cute on the outside. they're the type of person who sees piles of dead bodies when they close their eyes.
Oh my gosh, you're such an Oakley!
by Augayst February 25, 2019

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