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Alright, so there are some missconceptions surrounding scene. Well first off scene kids and emo kids are not the same. Emos are intraverted emotional wrecks(or at least they wish they were) whilest the scene kids are normally overly extraverted and in your face. All scene girls are bitches, or at least try to be. A scene kid is different from a scene whore. A scene whore is someone, mostly girls, who go to the local scene to pick upi guys or band members, not because they like the music. Scene girls take 687465873 pics of themselves from odd angles and in black and white with large amounts of brightness and contrast and post them on myspace. While scene boys take pics of themselves making out with other boys. Most scene kids have multicoloured hair and it is short and spikey at the back. So there you have it, the scene kid.
iM jUsT sO HaRdXCoRe! yeah, very scene.
by Atreyu713 March 14, 2006
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