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A war cry down usually said while in the act of punching a male in his giggle stick and berries.Often rendering him unconscious and/or knocking him to a permanent "OH" face.
Jimmy had his peter wide so I hutzed him.
Jimmy:Let me check my fly
Jimmy:holy crabcakes!
by Ass bandit April 02, 2003
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You're fucking a guy or girl up the ass, giving it to him/her with great gusto, and suddenly things start to smell pretty rank due to the uncontrolled release of feces, aka shit, or in the worst case scenario, diarrhea. This happens more to guys with dicks 8" or longer since they open the rectum's upper sphincter,
Dude, I was fucking this hot little college frat boy senseless, but then I struck oil and had to go wash my pubes out. Good thing I put an old towel on the bed!
by Ass bandit February 05, 2005
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