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One member of a small group of FAQs (Fierce Afrikan Queens) congregated in New York City with a satellite outpost in Philadelphia. Other known members include Vagenda H. Christ, Debris Huxtable and Mo'Niques Fiancé. A loosely organized posse, the FAQs' prime objective is to keeps it real.
As a Queen who identifies as both Fierce and Afrikan, Asphyxia 8 was invited to join the infamous FAQ collective back in 2005. Not only has she kept it real in NYC since, but has assumed a leadership role as an international FAQ emissary, spokes model, spiritual guru and outspoken Barack Obama supporter.
by Asphyxia 8 Mile October 11, 2008

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Contracting HIV/AIDS, herpes or any other STD while celibate.
Vagenda was shocked to hear from the nurse at the free clinic that she done got herself da clap again, even though she ain't been giving it up for no one, no how, for quite some time. Unfortunately, no one bought her Immaculate Infection explanation, not even her minister.
by Asphyxia 8 Mile April 26, 2009

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