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Much like getting slipped, a full slip happens when the subject gets pants'd, but the underwear/undergarments come with. Thus revealing the exposed, nude, lower half of the body. (Penis, vagina, etc.).......
Shit!.... Brian just got a full slip....

Damn Charisse! ;)

Dude, I just missed a full slip but the edge of my fingertips man!....... SHIT Darren! I just survived a full slip attempt and then you come back for the rebound? Piss off! I just got full slipped...
by Ask Steve April 02, 2015

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When the subject (man or woman) gets pants'd or in the odd case, shirted... without the subject knowing. Shame and embarrassment inevitably overwhelms them.
Bro! That sucker just got slipped!!!

Yo, Stacey got slipped huge in gym class yesterday! Friggin on-point!

Damnit! Got slipped again!...... Good thing that wasn't a "full slip"
by Ask Steve April 02, 2015

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