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Fucking White Boy. Pronounced (FWAB).
A term used by non-whites to describe mostly people of European descent (although Jews can fall under this definition). Characterized by their inferior pale skin, they have to apply sunblock on their noses when in the sun. They look like some fucked-up mister potato head doll.

Historically, they have been driven by greed and a lust for blood. They have killed and enslaved more people than all other races combined. And they wonder why they are hated so much.

They have a tendency to gather in groups wearing their laundry over their heads. They have the gall calling Arabs "rag-heads" when they themselves are sheet-heads, or rather, shit-heads. FWABs also like to shave their heads to expose more pale skin to the sun. They turn a lobster color when their skin burns and they have the nerve to call Native-Americans "the red man".
Tyrone: Those Fucking White Boys (FWBs, FWABs) are giving back everything they stole from everyone else albeit unwillingly. I bet you they're shittin' in their pants right now.

Jerome: Yeah, their land, their property, their money and their white bitches (Damn those white bitches are skanky! They do shit other non-white girls won't). Soon Fucking White Boys (FWBs, FWABs) will be a minority in America.
by Ashamed to be white March 10, 2009

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