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1. Can be used to express enthusiasm or exaggerate a subject/feeling. (Popular in Ireland)
2. Also used to describe life in the fast lane or a bigshot's professional situation. (Universal, origin USA)
1a. John - "Are you getting drunk tonight?"
Mark - "oh ya, bigtime!"
John - "Booya!"

1b. Mary - "Do you like kinky sex?"
Karen - "oh ya, bigtime"

2. "Tom's hit the bigtime now, he's a bigshot"
by Arto Del Funko June 23, 2007

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A term largely used in the Rep. of Ireland to refer to a young member of the working class.
"Sham" is the Irish term for the British term "chav".
A sham is characterised by attire such as tracksuits (the whiter the better), baseball caps on very back of head, hooded jumpers (with hood worn on head), tops with horizontal stripes, Ben Sherman & Burberry articles, tight haircuts, plenty of big jewellery (especially gold), excessive rings on fingers, tatoos on hands, lack of intelligence, unemployment, incomprehendable accents, drug/alcohol abuse, antisocial behaviour, casual violence, incest, rape, petty theft and general crime.
"Sham / Chav culture" is growing quickly in the UK / IRL.
Term used by shams to refer to one another, similar to the way the token young black male calls others "nigga".
Basically the scum of the scum.
"Lock your door, chief. There are shams hanging around"
"Man, you look a right sham chav with that cap on your head"
by Arto Del Funko April 04, 2007

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