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The word Bibi AKA Bibzi AKA Bibs comes from the Arabic word Habibi which means my love, the love of my life, my other half, the one who completes me, the one who makes my heart beat...
Bibi, i adore the ground you walk on!
You are my one and only Bibi!
I adore you Bibs!
Happy birthday, Bibi, happy birthday Bibi...
by Arpy Melkonian August 08, 2009

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The verb "ism" comes from the word autism, which is a brain development disorder that presents the person with the difficulty to communicate with others, thus the person preoccupies himself with objects on a long period of time. Isming means doing the same action over and over, repeating it without getting bored from it.
I am isming on T.V.
During the summer vacation i used to ism on T.V . for 12 hours straight.
Sorry, i was isming on the game, i forgot to call you!
I ismed on painting for 5 hours today, so i got to finish my masterpiece.
by Arpy Melkonian August 08, 2009

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