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To heavily drool on the end of a cigerette, most possibly one you are sharing with a friend or work coleage
"OMFG!! Oh my fucking God, Poppy! Look how much you've bumsucked it! Your skanking me! Your skanking me, mate! You've gotta pay me back for all of that! That's 17p please! You're twisting my melons, man!! Look how much you've bumsucked it. Quit skanking me!"
by Armadillo April 26, 2005

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The act of shitting oneself and/or one's surroundings
"Golly Galoshers! I appear to have browned myself"
"Poppy, come quick, it would appear Char's browned the sofa again...."
by Armadillo April 23, 2005

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The sound frequently made by Dipsy the Teletubby, as he spunks up with exitment all over his hat.
Dipsy's hat, fancy that. "Oh yeah!!"
by Armadillo April 24, 2005

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