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The act of venting about your personal frustrations in your status on Facebook. This is typically done as if you were talking directly the (usually a person) subject of said frustration, when in fact you are talking to every single one of your friends on Facebook. It's usually a good idea to be as vague as possible as to who you are talking about while doing this, as it causes people to wonder if you are mad at them personally. This increases interest and the possibility that someone will leave a comment along the lines of "Who, me?" or "Who/what are you talking about?" on your page, giving you the delusion that people give a shit. This can then be replied to with either telling them straight out or the classic "They know who they are...". Interestingly enough, most ragebooking is done by people who aren't even Facebook friends with the person they are telling off, leaving the victim unaware of the fact that they have been ragebooked. Statistically speaking, ragebooking is absolutely one-hundred percent unproductive and never helps things at all.
I hope you die a horrible death!
Who, me?
No, they know who they are.
Then no one gives a shit. Stop ragebooking.
by ArkaneFlux June 28, 2010
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