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Metal is the shit , usually people who think they are metal heads like system of a down , korn, atreyu, underoath, Killswitch engage, and avenged Sevenfold, but real metal doesnt suck! Real metal is Fast heavy and in your fucking face and if you dont like it then.....whatever, but real metal is based on other things as well and those things may be classical, jazz, bles opera, etc. Real metal is the shit
In General- Black Sabbath, Judas Preist, Van Halen(i think),
Iron Maiden, Accept, Guns n' Roses, Quiet Riot,MotorHead, Slayer,(OLD)Metallica, Death, Pantera, Lamb of God, ArchEnemy, Megadeth(I hate them but they count!),
Cannible Corpse, Therion, Burning Casket.
by Arioch June 01, 2006

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