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A girl who is always looking for the right thing to do despite the hardships that are sure to follow. She is motivated and sure about what she wants in in life. She tends to be open but there are some secrets that she may not share due to trust issues. Girls named Ayani tend to plan every aspect of their life to avoid any mistakes they may appear later on. They are kind and caring, fun and loving. Ayani ( ai-ni) means "love you" in Chinese and for a good reason, since the love Ayani's have for the world and those around them is what pushes them to make a change in our flawed society.
Person # 1: Can someone please help me
Ayani: I'd love to
Person # 1: Thank you what is your name?
Ayani: My name is Ayani
Person # 1- ahhh that makes perfect sense thank yo
by Aries-Capricorn123 November 14, 2014
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