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Someone who adds sex definitions to Urban Dictionary on a regular basis. Also someone who defines random names on Urban Dictionary.
*Searches up "France"
"Why the fuck is there no 'France' here?"
"Because of the idiots who add name definitions."
"That makes sense. Oh, look, something about a sex act."
by Archduke_Louis December 10, 2020
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A member of a civilization that possibly originated on the island of Lemnos and conquered the fertile lands of Northern Italy, growing into a great seafaring and agricultural nation in the process.

They invented many devices we see as Roman, such as the aqueducts, Roman roads, and even the Roman sword designs.

A theory asserts that the Etruscans conquered their way through Northern Italy and divided the Italo-Celtic civilization, leading to the development of the Italiotes and the Celts.
The average Etruscan was a member of a very influential and underrated civilization.
by Archduke_Louis May 22, 2020
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