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Namine is this banging ass character from Kingdom Hearts. She is most known for Chain of Memories, but also makes an appearance in KH2. Although she is not a main character in the game, she plays an important role in the outcome of other characters. Not only that, but Namine has feelings, which is something nobodies aren't supposed to be capable of. That is a big deal! She knows that eventually, she's going to have to re-become part of Kairi, and though she isn't completely happy about it, she accepts it. Not only that, but she helps Sora multiple times! Namine really is a great character, and should be given more credit than she actually is.
"I was alone for so long. I couldn't bear it anymore... So I beckoned your heart to lead you here. And I'm so glad you found me. But your heart, I had to —"
— Namine talking to Sora.

"No. Sora forgave me even though I deceived him. I could never break his heart! I don't care what you do to me. I won't hurt Sora!"
— Namine talking to Marluxia.
by Aquis0871 March 12, 2013

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