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An acronym for roar of the underpants monster !!!!
I got into the elevator today to go check my mail and one of the old ladies let out such a loud ROTUM I almost Peed my pants 🤗😁😱🙀
by Aquaman7777 September 9, 2017
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All of the rude people that talk too loud in public, cut you off on the road, cut you in line at the grocery store, pretend they're next in the deli line when they're really last in line, generally just people that piss me off and have no effing manners and usually don't speak English and whip out food stamp cards and welfare money to pay for the shit at Walmart and they probably illegal aliens ruckus ruckus ruckus 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
All these illegal immigrants are creating such a ruckus for our healthcare system and the food stamp program check them out and send them back where they came from
by Aquaman7777 September 9, 2017
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