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A sexy Eastern European guy of dubious origin who will sweep you off your feet with his twisted old world charm . He will leave you speechless in and outside of the bedroom .
Rose : My new man Boris is setting me on fire !

Brit : Oh My !

Rose : It's his charm ;)
by Apple Blossom January 13, 2013
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A surburb of Seattle once known for it's affluent inhabitants. The island now is home to mostly middle to upper middle class elitists who continue to believe, and tell everyone they meet, that MI is full of rich people. Students at MIHS are typically sheltered and rarely leave the eastside unless completely necessary (aka going to the airpot or on occasion to downtown seattle) for fear of getting shot by the rough, inner city youth of seattle. The downtown consists of Starbucks, and one bad restaurant after another. Unfortunately, Islanders won't support local businesses and so instead of becoming a charming community within a city, like Madison Park or Queen Anne, Mercer Island becomes a generic and gross suburb similar to the likes of Factoria.
I'm glad that I don't live on Mercer island because then I would suck.
by apple blossom November 11, 2005
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