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A vile, parasitic, sub-human and inbred off shoot of humanity, thought to have originated from caves chavs still;

Possess little or no education (Vocab consisting of poorly pronounced 'words' and abrehviations such as; innit, yer m8, wht u chattin', u startin'.)

An infatuation with dirt cheap shiny objects (The Bigger and more of them the better)

Cheap sports clothing (Tucked into football socks usually even though they arn't playing football)

Often engage in illegal activity (Starting from very young ages - they are the reason woolworths had to close down it's stores ¬¬)

Listen to shit popular / chart music (They have no desire or ability to be individual)

Like the animals they are they group in herds (This is too appear remotely threatening, but probably more for safety ... or perhaps they are just meeting up waiting for a disabled elderly victom to amble past them so they can 'Deck her for her shineys - money')

Human equivilent of magpies (Building on the attraction to shiney objects)

Have no future (They WILL grow up to be benefit sponges)

Possess poor teeth and skin (They are the definition of ugly - this is due to there mother also being their sister)

Thank you, you have been educated by a Goth DJ & Producer on the sub human parasitic vile greasy bastard inbreds.
As it is hard to destinguish between chav males and chav females i have gone to the trouble of generalising the themes shared by all members of both sexes;

Greasy skin

poor grasp of literacy

cheap sports clothing that is either too big or too small for them (there benefits havnt came through recently)

musky body odour of sweat and white lightning usually anus and stale smoke aswell

These primitive apes are following there own form of religion, the church of McDonalds, chav cave paintings depict Ronald McDonald, the saviour that tought them the ways of inbreeding, retardedness and how to constantly wreak of foul odour. This is why chavs are often seen congragating outside of Mcdonalds outlets ... it is also there idea of upperclass fine dining. (Chav version of the Ritz)
by AntagonistMusic October 11, 2010

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