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A unique robot designed and manufactured by Jose Galuzio in the late 20th century.
First of its kind, designed purely for gaming prowess without running the risk of detection that comes with more simple "hack programs".
The user applies the robot to a Personal Computer set up using the adapters included in the order, and then programs it to play any of the thousands of games it is programmed to play.
Short-sited people have accused numerous owners of a Gigamo that they are hackers using elaborate and undetectable programs. However, this is simply not the case. This is next generation gaming. This is Gigamo.
Chrisdelay: Gigamo killed me, ffs! How can he kill me on my main in Kranesh and then kill me 2 minutes later in the middle of the fucking jungle! Fucking hacker. AQ hacks.

Alfie: stfu noob, AQ doesnt hack. That is Dotix's robot. Deal with it.

Gigamo: GF :)

Chrisdelay: hacker noob, i post fraps
by Anquer Quare November 09, 2011
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