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University of Massachusetts at Boston, also known as U.Mass/Boston but sometimes confused with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2011 rated the University of Massachusetts system at #19 worldwide. The other main campuses of the University of Massachusetts are located in Amherst, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester.

UMB is a 100% commuter school and is the only public university in Boston. Located primarily on Columbia Point in Dorchester on landfill previously used as a Boston municipal sewage pumping station, trash dump, WW2 Italian POW camp, UMB now houses the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the Massachusetts Archives. UMB hosted a televised George W. Bush Al Gore 2000 Presidential Debate.

The buildings on the UMB campus feature double insulated windows to reduce noise from planes landing at nearby Logan International Airport.

Additional nformation on UMB can be found at www.umb.edu.
You went to UMB and graduated? You got your money's worth.
by Another Ed March 13, 2011
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Word for "black" in the Yoruba language, which shares many words with the ancient Egyptian language and may indicate a common origin.

Also a black/dark brown soap manufactured from shea nut butter in western Africa noted for clearing the complexion.
Have you tried that dudu soap? It cleared up my skin!
by Another Ed April 29, 2012
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