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Advay and Daniel- When two faggots join forces and become a MegaFaggot, reaching heights of stupidity that humanity can't even imagine.

-Origin: The phrase was popularized by two boys named Advay and Daniel, when they became friends. This union was so catastrophic, some of their classmates even started getting affected by their stupidity
"Dude did you hear about the event in class 911?"
"Yeah man, it was a total Advay and Daniel in there"
by AnonymousDefineBoi October 04, 2018
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A rap addict who doesn't understand what half the words mean but just goes with it.

Also he is anorexic af like holy shit them some skin on bones
"Yo, Tanishq, how'd you do on your HIV test?"
"I got positive boiii and I didn't even study"
by AnonymousDefineBoi May 25, 2019
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