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Party Crew from North Orange County, California. Originated in the 1990's during the rave era. Loosely based on lyrics by the band "Smashing Pumpkins" and inspired by the movie "Dazed N Confused". The females of the crew are known as the "Ladybugs". Originally a Ladybug had to be a girlfriend of a Junebug, but the crew ended up branching out on it's own. The founders of the Junebug Crew are Kermit, Shrumie, and Thumper. The next to join were Joker (later renamed Soldier Know1) and Inzane. The legend of the Junebugs began in Gilman Park in the city of Fullerton, CA. Joined by a group of runaway teenagers around 1996-7 the Junebugs built a temple inside the hidden areas of the park. The temple included a couch, a mailbox, and some hidden spots. Police often chased the Junebugs through the park but never discovered the Temple. Marijuana was also a part of everyday life for the Junebug and in a way inspired their culture. Today, the Junebugs are grown up with children of their own, but if you ever end up in Gilman Park, you might still find the old temple hidden in the hills among the trees. The legend lives on.
The Junebugs throw the sickest parties!
by Anonymous friend of the JB February 02, 2010
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