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Pretty good and active site overall. Good place to burn time or troll. You CAN get good quality answers

Polls and Surveys (P&S): Jampacked place where braindead teens and preteens congregate and leave one-word answers. Dumbest section on the site which is why they don't give Top Contributor badges there.

Others-Cultures and Groups (OC&G): Place filled with closet-racists who got dumped by a chick of insert race here and go to Y/A to vent as well as Report Rats who get pissed off at the slight mention of race (even though they're in the race section). Most people whine about the racism but at the same time feed into the trolls. Lots of cloning too and mentally ill people who post repetitive questions.

LGBT: The most sensitive section out there. Lots of anti-gay trolls and "transgendered women" who go off when you call them transexuals or trans. Can't forget about the insecure ppl asking TOTAL STRANGERS whether THEMSELVES are gay or not

Politics: Tense place filled with over-sensitive losers who dehumanize each other based on politics beliefs. Also a lot of racists. Lots of self-righteous idiots.

Adolescent: Section designed for adults but filled with whiny teens asking if they're pregnant and other stupidness like wanting to have a baby despite never having a job or being in the 10th grade.

Gender Studies: Filled with annoying feminist lesbians and guys with tiny dicks who bash them to compensate for their demasculinization.
Bob: Let's ask an innocent question about flowers on Yahoo Answers
Computer: Your question has been reported by the Yahoo! Community
by Anonymous Yahoo! User November 09, 2012

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