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When someone (more often a girl) posts absolute shit online on a daily basis. This person often whines about their life, almost everyday. The regular bystander will witness this stupidity on his or her newsfeed daily. This faggotry will go on for eternity if not blocked.
FB Faggot: "I hate life."

-1 Hour later-

FB Faggot: "everything is ok now. I luv my friends! <3"

-2 hours later-

FB Faggot: "how could he do this? i thought we had somethin. wat an asshole."

A regular day for all of the Facebook Faggots

-Listens to a song-

"Oh my gosh, I should post these shitty lyrics on my wall! Then, people might think the lyrics are about me! I just want to let people how horrible my taste in music is."

FB Lyric Faggot: "ur insecure. dont kno wat 4. <3"

Commenter: "Okay, please STOP posting lyrics. No one gives a shit about those lyrics. No one. Not even your mother."

FB Lyric Faggot: "omg just ignore me then. stupid."

Commenter: "Wow, I'm surprised your reply wasn't from a song."
by Anonymous Truthteller June 10, 2013
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