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Economic system that's doomed to abolish itself by its very nature. Forms a Darwinian free market in which monetary profit is the only objective. In essence: modern slavery.

Unscrupulous competition is the main drive behind said accumulation of money in which some will inevitably lose. Vital technological progress is accelerated and being utilized to increasingly replace human workers in order to cut the costs and maximize profits.

In this last stage, the bulk of the population for which those goods and services should have been produced in the first place is left on the streets without income and thus cannot purchase any of them. It's the war of everyone against everyone, in a battlefield of abundance. Finally, the system implodes.

Instead of taking advantage of technological progress, that could free everyone from the necessity to work, and reform the money system by granting everyone a basic income, or issue a new currency every year where all excess money not spend is deleted from the system - or by removing money altogether and let personal nano-factories provide all the things one needs - politicians and other influential mouthpieces, who have more than enough wealth, demand even more jobs.

This only shows that a crapitalist economy is not beneficial for humans in any way, as it does not serve humanity but rather that humanity serves a blind, abstract monster.
"They still believe that crapitalism is the zenith of human evolution."
by Anony-Mouse0202 November 14, 2012
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